Coffee Brewing

Below are some tips and advice for the different brewing methods you may choose:


  • Buy enough amounts of coffee beans that would last you for approximately 2 weeks. Fresh beans produce superior quality coffee.

  • Store your beans in a cool dark place in our resealable coffee bag or in an airtight container for maximum freshness. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

  • Ideally you will want to grind just immediately before you brew. Different brewing methods require beans grounded to different coarseness level. If you don’t have a grinder, let us know and we’ll ship your beans grounded to your desired brewing method.

  • Use filtered water as your coffee will not taste good if your water isn’t. Never use water that has been boiled twice.


French Press      

  • Preheat the french press with a little hot water and pour this water out.

  • Put one heaped dessert spoon per cup. If you’re using a 3 cup press, put 3 heaped dessert spoon. Note that french press volume is based off espresso size. 3 cup press makes 3 espresso base shot however only makes 1 mug of long black.

  • Allow boiling water to cool for around 30 – 40 seconds before pouring into your press. Stop when the desired amount of water is poured.

  • After 15 – 20 seconds, briefly stir.

  • Brew it for 4 minutes, insert the plunger and plunge slowly to the bottom.

  • We enjoy drinking the freshly brewed French press coffee as is, try it and we think you’ll love it.



Moka Pot


  • Moka pot has 3 portions, the bottom to store water, the funnel to store ground coffee and the top to store the brewed coffee.
  • Unscrew the moka pot, fill the bottom chamber with water to the level just below the safety valve.
  • Fill the funnel with ground coffee. Tamp it down gently and screw the funnel onto the bottom chamber.

  • Screw the funnel and the bottom chamber to the top chamber, place it on a stove.

  • Water will boil in a few minutes forcing the steam to come up through the coffee grounds.

  • The top chamber will be filled with espresso.

  • We enjoy the espresso with some nicely frothed milk, it is beautiful.


Drip Filter

  • Ensure filtered water is used in the drip filter machine

  • Use one heaped dessert spoon per cup of ground coffee and spread evenly on the filter

  • Brew the coffee.

  • Stir the brewed coffee before stirring.

  • Easy to make and we enjoy the taste profiles that a slow drip creates.



  • Brewing a nice espresso is a work of art and requires intimate knowledge of the machine, grinder and many other factors that contribute to that beautiful shot. For simplicity purposes we describe the brewing method to be the following:

  • Preheat the cups and fill the portafilter with the desired amount of ground coffee.

  • Tamp the ground coffee firmly.

  • Turn on the brewing and pull the shot for 25 – 30 seconds.

  • Froth some milk until the jug is too hot to touch, it should be silky velvety milk.

  • We love our espresso shot with nicely textured milk.

* Note that espresso brewing is much more than the steps explained above, we  have simplified it to just paint the picture.