About Us

Our Story

Our journey started when we first bought a domestic espresso machine. We tried pulling a shot using grounded coffee from a supermarket. It was ok but we wondered why it wasn’t spectacular.

After undergoing barista trainings at a café in Australia, we soon realized our passion for Arabica and the eagerness to learn more. Many different permutations decide the end result of a brewed cup of coffee, first and foremost the freshly roasted Arabica beans.

As our passion grew, we questioned if we could a make a difference in the Malaysian landscape. Malaysia is a country with huge numbers of coffee enthusiast who until now has been drinking predominantly Robusta based coffee drinks. With increasing population of expatriates coming into Malaysia, students returning from overseas and the flow and effect of globalization, the market is learning on the flavour profiles of Arabica.

Auresso Coffee was born to bridge this gap and the journey begins....

Our Approach

We aim to provide the Malaysian consumer freshly roasted specialty coffee beans, premium teas and drinking chocolate powder, coffee and tea accessories all online via a fully functional e-commerce website.

We have partnered with multipls roasters in Australia and have established a sister company in Australia to work very closely with our roasters in order for us to bring the very best to the Malaysian market.

As freshness of the beans are of utmost importance to us, we aim to ship roasted coffee beans on the day its roasted as promptly and quickly, air shipped  to Malaysia. Our shipment for coffee will be in smaller batches on greater intervals to ensure only the freshest is offered to the Malaysian consumer.

Our coffee line-up includes various blends and single origin available for roasting on various profiles. In addition we will showcase a particular single origin/blend from time to time.

We hope you enjoy the coffee we offer as much as we do…

Our Partnership

Auresso's product are sourced from different roasters and producers whom are focused and passionate in what they do. We are proud to be associated with below:

Grand Central Premium Coffee Roasters - a small batch specialty coffee roaster.

The Original Cocoa Traders - producers of premium drinking chocolate

XO Teas - producers of Certified Organic Teas

Chai Me - producers of premium chai latte powder

Kiyosen Japan - producer of premium uji matcha powder

Our commitment

To serve the Malaysian market at our highest standards, supplying freshly roasted specialty coffee, premium teas, drinking chocolate powder and brewing accessories.