Tea is a personal ritual for each individual and is experienced through a vast array of colourful ingredients and apparatuses all over the world. After venturing to the remote tea estates around the world, talking to tea makers and tasting expansive varieties and grades, we developed an appreciation of tea that was radically different from the norm.

After venturing the world in the quest for a deeper understanding of tea and all it represents, XO Tea founders Arjun and Peter returned with a desire to give the many varieties of tea their own unique voice. “Our experience shaped the way we employ creativity and colour to portray our teas’ individuality; in the hope that our teas will take you on a journey of your own”.

Which is why our new blends contain Certified Organic elements of the highest quality, without any hidden additives or ingredients. Being held to this certification also highlights our commitment to sustainable practices which positively impact our environment.



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