Discover the secret.

The story of Chai Me began after Marcus sold his share in a Surry Hills café and rode his BMW motorcycle forty thousand kilometres through twelve countries. He was searching for the earth’s most dangerous roads, cultural enlightenment and the perfect chai.

During this time he was pursued by militia wielding machine guns in Baluchistan, was arrested and interrogated in Iran, attacked by wild dogs in Turkey. He endured blinding sand storms and ascended some of the highest motorable roads in the world. After descending the base camp of the world’s eighth highest mountain (pictured on the Chai Me label), Nangar Parbat, Northern Pakistan he traveled into the Sikh town of Amritsar, India. It was here whilst being surrounded by thousands of pilgrims that the methodologies and ingredients that go into creating “the perfect chai” were finally revealed to him.

The medicinal benefits of the spices that go into creating Chai have been documented for centuries and the allure of the aroma that they possess have attracted traders from distant parts of the globe.

The story continues: Building a business.

After his discovery, Marcus wanted to share his creation with Australian Chai consumers. He took to the streets and visited his local cafe’s. He had long believed his higher quality recipe would be a success. Working out of his parents garage, he quickly learned that legend of the quality of his Chai creation had spread far. This prompted him to go ahead and open up his first factory to keep up with growing demand for a quality powder. A couple of years later, his Chai powder & Chai syrup products had reached hundreds of cafe’s all over Australia. This then prompted Marcus to take his passion for quality creation into other areas. Flavoured Syrups and Drinking Chocolate Powder were added to provide high quality offerings in these categories. His business continued to grow as passionate Chai consumers heard of Marcus and his story.

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