Cascara, meaning ‘skin’ or ‘peel’ in Spanish, is a novel way of recycling leftover coffee pulp, which is produced in huge quantities when ripe coffee cherries are hulled before the beans are washed and dried. In most coffee-producing countries, this pulp is broken down and used as organic fertiliser – but it is also possible to dry this leftover cherry to create the base for a unique and refreshing tea.

This lot of cascara is made from fruit of typica, caturra and catuaí coffee trees, and was produced in Caranavi, Bolivia by various smallholder farmers that deliver to the Buena Vista Mill.

To Brew we recommend using a french press or a teapot at a ratio of 5g of cascara to 220ml boiling water. Brew for 4 minutes. Cascara Tea also tastes great iced on a hot day!

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  • Cascara- Market Lane
    Cascara- Market Lane

    This cascara was prepared for us by the Buena Vista mill in Bolivia, which works with small, specialty- focused producers in the Caranavi region.