We are currently working with Sasa Sestic, World Barista Champion 2015 and founder of Project Origin to bring Sasa's selection of 88+ single origin coffees to our cafe clients.

Sasa through Project Origin visits farms and sources the beans directly. While working with the farmers closely, Sasa promotes sustainable farming, work to improve the life and refine and build their production infrastructure. In addition, premium price for the greens are paid to benefit the people who deserve it most. 

For Auresso, this means a big deal as we would like to be close to the sourcing as possible and share the journey of sourcing to our clients.

The Single Origins that are on offer are 88+ to 90 cupping points and are changed every two weeks. Each single origin coffees is accompanied with the sourcing and brewing information as set by Sasa's team. Any further information should be easily available

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